Stockpile Solutions for Hospitals and Provider Networks

Hospitals across the country trust LSL to protect their critical inventory confidently.

We help hospitals build fully stocked, compliant, ready-for-anything stockpile solutions that maintain your compliant status with state mandates and keep your backup supply of PPE and biomedical devices ready for action at a moment’s notice.

Custom, Compliant, Ready

Proactive Stockpiles for Hospitals & Other Healthcare Organizations

Our stockpile solutions ensure your organization does not face a shortage of supplies and equipment like the shortages faced during Covid-19. Our medical and pharmaceutical stockpile capabilities are flexible and quick to implement.  

1. Design

We help you design a stockpile based on your unique needs and our many years of successful mobilizations.

2. Implementation

We help coordinate state certification documentation, ERP integration, and warehouse construction services.


3. Management

We offer third-party stockpile management that includes order management and tracking, inventory replenishment, and transportation management.

4. Maintenance

We ensure everything stored in your stockpile is well maintained through our real-time reporting and inventory control, stockpile rotation services, and preventative maintenance.


“We are so grateful for LSL’s professionalism and flexibility when we have urgent shipment needs. The ICU doctors we serve were amazed and thankful when your team got our devices to their team within a day.” 

– VP of Clinical Development, Large Medical Device Manufacturer

 Successful Mobilizations

We have proudly served federal and state agencies through countless public health emergencies ranging from Covid-19 and Ebola to H1N1, Zika, and various natural disasters. With LSL’s stockpile solutions for hospitals, your organization can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a fully stocked, compliant, ready-for-anything stockpile solution.

Satisfy State Mandates

After Covid-19, many states implemented mandates for healthcare providers to maintain stockpiles of critical supplies such as personal protective equipment (PPE). We help healthcare organizations like yours comply with these mandates and avoid costly supply shortages by setting up, stocking, and monitoring strategically located stockpile solutions.

Biomedical Device Maintenance

Take the risk out of biomedical device maintenance with our programs to ensure readiness and asset protection. We help hospitals ensure backup medical equipment is always in working order through our durable medical equipment storage and preventative maintenance processes.

Partner with a healthcare stockpile expert.