State Stockpile as Service (SSaaS)®

Our proprietary State Stockpile as a Service (SSaaS)® solutions make the complex process of designing, implementing, and maintaining a medical stockpile streamlined and efficient. Our on-demand services allow for a fully compliant, tested, end-to-end pharmaceutical stockpile solution that ensures emergency preparedness and seamless disaster recovery.  

Turnkey Disaster Stockpile Solution

Since 2006, we have worked with states to design, build, and maintain effective medical stockpiles for effective emergency response. Our efforts have resulted in successful mobilizations to countless public health emergencies and natural disasters. We approach pharmaceutical and medical device stockpile development from the ground up. Our custom solutions for state governments include:  

1. Design

We help you create your medical stockpile design suited to your unique specifications, keeping compliance and certification requirements in mind. 

2. Implementation

We set up your state certification documentation, ERP integration, and warehouse construction services.

3. Stockpile Management

We fully manage your stockpile, overseeing order management and tracking, and transportation management.

4. Stockpile Maintenance

Our team keeps your stockpile at-the-ready with real-time reporting and inventory control, durable medical equipment storage and maintenance, stockpile rotation services, preventative maintenance, and quality management services.


Medical Stockpile Expertise, At your Service

SSaaS® In Action

Since 2006, our team has helped state governments with stockpile site selection, building design and layout, construction, and validation. We help ensure medical stockpiles are set up for compliant, long-term success. We help with numerous pharmaceutical and medical device stockpiles services, including: 

  • Stockpile design
  • State certification documentation
  • ERP integration
  • Warehouse construction services 
  • Stockpile management and maintenance 

Mission-Ready Stockpile Contents

We use our expertise to ensure your medical and pharmaceutical products are safe, stored in an appropriate environment, and maintained for mission readiness. Our team leads: medical stockpile product procurement, management, real-time reporting, inventory assessment, management, maintenance, and replenishment. 


  • Order management and tracking 
  • Real-time inventory reporting and inventory control
  • Inventory replenishment & quality management 
  • Durable medical equipment storage preventative maintenance 
  • Stockpile rotation services 

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