Federal and State Government Stockpile Solutions 

Since 2006, we have been a trusted partner in building and maintaining medical and pharmaceutical stockpiles that prioritize quality and compliance. Our medical stockpiles have helped federal and state governments navigate numerous public health emergencies.  

Enlist our customizable medical stockpile services and be prepared to navigate emergency response and disaster recovery with ease, keeping your constituents safe, healthy, and protected.  

Custom, Compliant, Ready

Turnkey Medical and Pharmaceutical Stockpile Solutions for Federal and State Governments  

Our stockpile solutions make the complex process of designing, implementing, and maintaining a stockpile streamlined and efficient. Our custom service and specialized expertise allow for a fully compliant, tested, end-to-end medical stockpile solution. 

1. Design

We help you create your stockpile design.

2. Implementation

We set up your certification documentation, ERP integration, and warehouse construction services.

3. Stockpile Management

We fully manage your stockpile, overseeing order management and tracking, and transportation management.

4. Stockpile Maintenance

Our team keeps your stockpile at-the-ready with real-time reporting and inventory control, durable medical equipment storage and maintenance, stockpile rotation services, preventative maintenance, and quality management services.


Specialized Solutions

Expert Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical Storage and Distribution Solutions for State and Federal Governments

Disaster Response Support

We are experts at developing, managing, and coordinating responses during health emergencies. We have helped governments mobilize emergency responses to health emergencies ranging from Covid-19 and Ebola to H1N1, Zika, and a variety of natural disasters. In addition to emergency preparedness stockpiles, we also help governments maintain biomedical device maintenance programs designed to ensure readiness and protect assets. 

Stockpile Rotation Program

We offer a medical and pharmaceutical supply stockpile rotation program that ensures your stockpile is always stocked with fresh products and supports public health needs. If your stockpile enrolls in the program, you help fulfill hospital supply orders. Here is how it works: when hospitals order medical and pharmaceutical supplies from a manufacturer, that order is fulfilled from your private stockpile. Then, your stockpile puts the new inventory in your stockpile and sends older-dated product to the hospital to fulfill the order. The result is less waste and an always-fresh stockpile in case of emergency.   

Cold Chain stockpile Storage

In addition to temperature-controlled medical and pharmaceutical stockpile storage, we are experts at building out cold chain storage facilities. We specialize in maintaining the integrity and safety of medical and pharmaceutical supplies to preserve the efficacy of vaccines, medicine, and other critical pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Our strict temperature controls, monitoring systems, and adherence to regulatory standards result in a reliable, resilient medical stockpile that’s ready when public health emergencies arise.  

State Stockpile as a Service (SSaaS)® 

For 20 years, our team has helped state governments develop pharmaceutical and medical stockpiles to ensure emergency preparedness. We assist with everything from site selection and building design layout, construction, and validation. We ensure your stockpile is set up for compliant, long-term success. Our state stockpiles support pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and medical supply logistics. 

Medical and Pharmaceutical Warehousing and Distribution

Our certified warehousing and distribution services enable state and federal governments to store medical and pharmaceutical products in a compliant manner. We store both controlled room temperature and cold chain products ranging from vaccines to therapeutics. State and Federal governments rely on our expertise in storage, packaging, and transportation to design pharmaceutical and medical stockpiles that meet their unique needs.  

Compliance you can count On 

Our facilities are:

  • FDA-registered
  • cGMP-compliant
  • NABP-accredited 
  • ISO 13485-certified 

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