Proven FDA-Registered, cGMP-Compliant Healthcare Supply Chain Services

Whether you’re a start-up or one of the nation’s leading healthcare manufacturers, LSL can help you achieve your goals with our robust supply chain logistics management services.

Through unmatched specialization and expertise, our quality-and-compliance-focused supply chain logistics solutions help your organization run a safe, efficient, and compliant supply chain.

  • Healthcare-focused warehouse management
  • Scalable storage solutions
  • Product launch support
  • Traditional and direct title model services
  • DSCSA-ready 
  • Robust tracking, analytics, and reporting

“We chose LSL because they had local representation and a competitive bid. We have stayed with LSL as our 3PL because they are great business partners behind the scenes and deliver good service to downstream customers with on-time delivery.”

Operations Manager, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Optimize your logistics strategy to reduce risk and add efficiency to your supply chain.

Powerful Warehousing and Distribution

LSL’s 5.8M+ SF of FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant warehouse space across 16 strategic locations and is backed by a dedicated staff of 550+ pick, pack and ship, regulatory assurance, and customer service experts.


  • Controlled Room Temperature (20°C to 25°C)
  • Refrigerated (2°C to 8°C)
  • Frozen (-30°C)
  • Ultra Low Frozen (-80°C)
  • Humidity Controlled/Monitored Space
  • DEA Schedule II–V Storage
  • Kitting, Relabeling, Returns, and Other Value-Add Services
  • Automated Labeling Capabilities

Full-Service Order-to-Cash 3PL

Our comprehensive Order-to-Cash services give clients greater flexibility and control with real-time visibility and state-of-the-art reporting.

  • Call Center
  • Order Management
  • Receivable Management
  • Government Reporting
  • Invoicing and Cash Application
  • Charge Back Processing
  • Title Model Services

Stockpile Solutions

In addition to order fulfillment, warehousing, and distribution services we offer specialized stockpiles solutions. Since 2006, we’ve helped healthcare organizations and government entities prepare for and respond to public health emergencies. We help design, build, implement, and manage emergency medical stockpiles.

A powerful life science logistics expert with supply chain resources across the country

300+ Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations

We provide pharmaceutical and medical device warehousing, fulfillment, and stockpile management in 11 states across the country. You can count on LSL for exceptional quality assurance and compliance.

LSL warehouse locations



Locations: 1  

Total SF: 439,506 SF

CRT (Ambient): 21,000 SF


Locations: 1  

Total SF: 491,810 

CRT (Ambient): 476,618 

Cold Chain (2°- 8°C): 138 SF 

Cold Chain (-30°C): 117 SF 


Locations: 1 

Total SF:  98,280 SF 

CRT (Ambient): 96,250 SF 

Cold Chain (2°- 8°C): 558 SF  


Locations: 1 

Total SF:  515,400 SF 

CRT (Ambient): 497,044 SF 

Cold Chain (2°- 8°C): 230 SF 

Cold Chain (-30°C): 230 SF 


Locations: 3 

Total SF: 1,438,264 SF 

CRT (Ambient): 1,365,373 SF 

Cold Chain (2°- 8°C): 91,668 SF 

Cold Chain (-30°C): 2,427 SF 

Cold Chain (-70°C): 69 SF 


Locations: 1 

Total SF: 467,200 SF 

CRT (Ambient): 456,475 SF  

Cold Chain (2°- 8°C): 20,208 SF 

Cold Chain (-30°C): 20,208 SF 

Cold Chain (-70°C): 1,360 CF 

New York

Locations: 3 

Total SF:  782,514 SF 

North Carolina

Locations: 2

Total SF:  381,600 SF 

CRT (Ambient): 86,470 SF 

Cold Chain (2°- 8°C): 29,100 SF 

South Carolina

Locations: 1 

Total SF:  100,000 SF 

CRT (Ambient): 46,338 SF  


Locations: 1 

Total:  646,190 SF 

CRT (Ambient): 576,190 SF 

Cold Chain (2°- 8°C): 22,000 SF 

Cold Chain (-30°C): 22,000 SF 

Cold Chain (-70°C): 920 


Locations: 1 

Total:  438,065 SF 

CRT (Ambient): 365,736 SF  

Cold Chain (2°- 8°C): 115 SF  

Cold Chain (-30°C): 117 SF 

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