Leaders in healthcare supply chain solutions, LifeScience Logistics (LSL), celebrate their success in safety with a TRIR (Total Recorded Incident Rate) 50% lower than the industry standard for warehousing.  LSL attributes this success to its rigorous internal audit system that holds the company to uncompromisingly high safety standards.   

Risk Assessment Manager, Tyson Guin, considers safety to be paramount to LSL’s overall success. He believes prioritizing safety enables LSL to provide outstanding service to customers and foster a safe, fulfilling workplace for teammates. As such, LSL continues to improve safety standards as the company grows.  A newly appointed Safety Coordinator will lead the charge to maintain consistent standards across all facilities. 

Although all of LSL’s warehouse and distribution centers have high safety standards and exemplary performance, their facility in Atlanta, Georgia stands out. The Atlanta site has had a four-year streak with no recordable incidents.   

When asked what advice he would offer to other warehousing and distribution centers, Atlanta Operations Manager Vernon Johnson said that managers must “stay consistent with the message you want to deliver around safety. There is never a moment that something can’t be teachable when it comes to safety. It’s everyone’s responsibility from the second they walk through the door.” 

As LSL sets their sights on expansion, expectations around the safe handling of client products is top of mind for LSL’s operations staff as well as corporate leaders. Maintaining an excellent TRIR rate will require a full team effort by LSL team members and LSL clients to comply with company safety standards. LSL cultivates a culture of collaboration around safety improvement and empowers team members to speak up about any issues they feel would make their job safer, more productive, or more fulfilling. 

“Safety should never have to be compromised to fulfill metrics. This mentality begins in our corporate offices and is driven at the site level. We feel fortunate to feel that support from the very highest levels of our organization.”

-Vernon Johnson, Operations Manager, LSL 

A new initiative in LSL’s ongoing effort to enhance and uphold safety standards, includes implementing a system-wide EHS (environment, health, and safety) program that will continue to drive down the TRIR.