Environmental Management Systems (EMS)


Our EMP mission is part of our ISO 14001 certification. It signifies our adherence to this standard and our commitment to taking proactive measures to minimize our environmental footprint.

LSL’s Environmental Management Plan (EMP) Mission

“LifeScience Logistics is committed to the safety and security of our employees, our clients’ products, and the environment. We demonstrate industry best practices using policies which address safety, pollution, and energy management. These policies are continuously reviewed and revised as new standards are available.  LifeScience Logistics takes every opportunity possible to train our employees to work safely for themselves, our clients, and the environment.”

In addition to fully complying with applicable environmental laws and regulations, LSL’s commitment extends to protecting of the environment on and around LSL facilities, minimizing pollution and release of contaminants to and impacts on the environment, being a good corporate citizen and environmental steward in the communities in which LSL operates, and meeting expectations for environmental performance of LSL’s stakeholders.